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The FHA 203k

Creating your Dream Home is now more affordable than ever. American Heritage Lending makes it easier for you to take advantage of the benefits offered by the HUD/FHA 203k Home Loan Program. Through this single loan, you can purchase or refinance a home and include the cost of making repairs or improvements.

A wide range of home improvements to fit your lifestyle.

  • Installing energy efficient windows, doors and new built-in appliances
  • Remodeling kitchens and bathrooms
  • Replacing flooring, tiling or carpeting
  • Adding a family room, bedrooms or bathrooms
  • Upgrading plumbing, heating, air conditioning or electrical wiring
  • Adding or repairing siding or repainting
  • Adding a porch, deck or patio
  • Renovating a deteriorating property, such as repairing a chimney, termite damage or structural problems
  • Eliminating health and safety hazards, such as removing lead-based paint
  • Making the home accessible to the disabled
  • Expanding or building a garage or carport
  • Replacing a roof, gutters and downspouts
  • Repairing an existing swimming pool
  • Solar energy improvements

Luxury items and improvements that do not become a permanent part of the real property are not eligible.

Dreams Do Come True

The experts at American Heritage Lending will guide you through the loan process and put the 203k loan program to work for you!

  • Little or no equity required
  • Flexible lending requirements allow those with less than perfect credit to refinance or purchase a home at competitive rates
  • The total amount of your mortgage will be based on the projected value of your home after the renovation is completed, taking into account the cost of the work

American Heritage Lending is an approved 203k lender and is registered with HUD/FHA to provide funds for home improvements.