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About American Heritage Lending

Since the start of 2004, we have built our AHL family around the premise of our diverse, knowledgeable individuals. With a dedicated passion for helping others, the DNA of our company was founded on creating a caring experience for the families we serve through our core values and fundamental principles. Empowered with knowledge and equipped with the tools for case to case scenarios, we offer competitive pricing with different loan programs and products customized to your unique situation. Our experienced loan officers will guide you through the process to help you achieve optimal success in your financial goals. Our clients reap maximum benefits with our innovative inhouse functionalities - we have the flexibility to make credit decisions and grasp a degree of control over the length of the process from start to finish. We work jointly throughout the whole process and provide open communication to each other, as well as our clients, to create transparency through the life of the loan process; building relationships that extend beyond funding.

Amidst adversity and the hard times of the mortgage meltdown, our company has remained resilient and persevered. As a direct result, we have established a foundation that has come to be relied upon by our borrowers, employees and referrals alike.

We strive to go beyond expectations in creating a personal experience for you, as a client, while providing exceptional service. As a company, we have found that the most rewarding part of the process is knowing that we are setting forth a stepping stone for our clients - especially when we are able to really go above and beyond their expectations. Any questions or concerns are welcomed as we want our clients to be fully aware of their different options.

Please call or send us an email to see what we can do for you. We look forward to starting a new chapter with you!