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Cash Out Refinance Loans on Investment Properties

Refinance Loans

American Heritage Lending is a direct lender providing cash out refinance loans to real estate investors and property owners. Cash out refinance loans are the fast and easy option for real estate investors looking to take equity from an existing investment property in order to reinvest the funds elsewhere. Cash out refinance loans on investment property can provide real estate investors with liquid funds within days. They can then use the proceeds from the cash out refinance loan to quickly purchase new investment property.


General Terms

  • Single or multiple rental properties
  • Up to 80% of value
  • $75,000 to $2 million
  • Purchase or Refinance
  • Income calculated on the property, not the borrower
  • Fixed or Adjustable options on 30 year terms

Cash Out Refinance Loans on Investment Property & Rental Property

Many real estate investors find themselves sitting on large amounts of equity in their investment and rental properties after many years of a hot real estate market. Some real estate investors will feel the urge to tap the equity in their investment properties and invest the money elsewhere.

A cash out refinance on investment property is a common way for real estate investors to pull equity from an existing property. Real estate investors refinance investment property and rental property for various reasons including pulling out equity to invest in a new opportunity, refinancing to a lower interest rate or paying off an existing loan that will soon become due. Cash out refinance loans are available for various investment property types including residential rental property and commercial property.

The investment property being used as the collateral for the cash out refinance loan could be encumbered with a conventional mortgage, a hard money loan or be free and clear (no loans or liens). Regardless of the situation, American Heritage Lending is able to provide a borrower with a cash out refinance on their investment property.

The process for a cash out refinance on investment property is quick and easy. American Heritage Lending just needs a loan application to provide the real estate investor with a loan approval. It then takes as few as 3-5 days for American Heritage Lending to fund the cash out refinance on the investment property. Cash out refinance loans on owner occupied property takes at least 4 weeks due to the current federal regulations that all lenders must follow.

Our Refinance Loan Parameters:

Property Types

SFR, Condo, Apartment Complex

Loan Amounts

$75,000 – $2,000,000


6 months to 30 years – interest-only, partially-amortized, and fully-amortized loans available.

Loans Available

Loans are available to individuals, trusts, corporations, and limited partnerships.

Common Refinance Loan Scenarios

Situations for cash-out refinance loan scenarios include, but are not limited to:

  • Free and Clear Property
  • Purchasing another property
  • Crossing another Property
  • Paying for Tenant Improvements
  • Paying for Rehab Work on a Distressed Property

Be it a property you recently acquired and need to pull out money for another transaction quickly, our cash-out refinance loan is designed to get you the money needed for your business purpose needs.

There is no limit on the number of properties.

American Heritage Lending Cash-Out Refinance Loans

We offer both interest-only and term loans up to 30 years on our cash-out refinance loans, allowing you to choose a payment schedule that best fits your needs.

We originate cash-out refinance loans on all types of commercial properties. If for any reason you do not qualify for a traditional commercial mortgage loan, American Heritage Lending is the lender of choice for the RE Investors.

We are as good as cash. With no limits on the number of properties, you can leverage one property or your entire portfolio.

Our customized cash-out refinance loan programs allow you to get a loan that best suits your needs.


How a cash-out refinance loan works

In cash-out refinance loans, you refinance an existing mortgage loan for a larger amount than the original mortgage. The difference between the original loan and the cash-out refinance loan results in cash, based on the refinanced equity. American Heritage Lending can expedite the process, getting you the cash you need immediately. Our rates for cash-out refinance loans are lower than the average interest on credit cards, which makes American Heritage a far better option for your business.

Cash-out loans for business purposes are one of the most common loan scenarios we see today.

With traditional lenders limited to strict loan parameters, American Heritage Lending is the top lender in the market, focusing on equity over borrower financials. This gives our clients the liquidity needed for their individual situation. Our underwriting guidelines for cash-out refinance loans focus on equity, not borrower income. We have originated cash-out refinance loans for borrowers with low credit scores, prior bankruptcies, and foreclosures. If a bank turns you down for a cash-out refinance loan, call us!

We can often provide you with same-day prequalification on a cash-out refinance loan. Please complete our Loan Interest Form below to get started.

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